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Moosie's Merry Madness

Dec 1st-Dec 6th we are adding items in this section. Each day a new item will arrive. The item that was in here the day before will go away never to be seen again. Check in every day for 6 days to see what the sale items are. We do not send out reminders.

Shipping : We aren't here to make money off of shipping. We do have to cover our costs though. Especially on the great, low cost deals we are providing. So on your first order, place the order and pay for shipping. Any additional order, through the end of the sale, put on "Pick up at the Moose Cave" at checkout so no shipping will be charged. If you only make the one order it's covered and every other order if you do will be essentially free. My shipping department (My wife) will match any orders over the 6 days together with the same name and addresses and ship at that time all together. 

All items bought will be shipped out after the week long sale unless specifically asked to ship ahead of time. If you are in a rush let us know. Please allow a couple days after the sale since we are processing 6 days of sales. It usually takes 2 days to get everything to shipping. We are a small family run operation. 

Also, Look at the Moosie Membership. Click on the words or use the pulldown on the top menu bar. This is a way to receive some great savings in addition to this sale.

As always , I appreciate all your support and if you need anything just send a message through the website and I personally answer them every day if I'm in service.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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