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Hunt Combo Contest


(For 1 lucky individual)

(And 3 for sale at a reduced price, see below)



1. Contest entries are for a chance to win a BEAR / WATERFOWL hunt adventure with Moosie and B.S.O. (Big Spruce Outfitting) in Saskatchewan Canada.

2. Contest starts today and goes to Friday Sept 10th. We will announce the winner on IG/FB Monday Sept 13th.

3. You have to comply with Canada's covid travel requirements. Right now you have to have an approved covid shot to enter Canada.

4. Fly to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) - Sun. Oct 3, 2021 and leave Sat. Oct 9th 2021. You will have Monday - Friday, 5 FULL DAY hunts until you limit out. Coordinate Fly times with #CRCamo.

5. You are responsible for your own travel to and from Saskatchewan.


Contest Entry Points are as follows :


You get 1 entry for each 2 of these you follow, (2 total) for following these :






You get 1 entry for each 2 of these you follow, (2 total) for following these :

FB:   (Big Spruce Outftting FB page)



You get 1 entry for following :

CRCamo youtube page :


You will have to email and let us know you followed some or all of those listed above. If you don’t email us you don’t get the extra entries. If you have already followed the above you will get credit for it just tell us you already follow us in the email. We will verify after we draw the name and if you have not followed all you said you will be disqualified so be safe and follow all the above.


You get 1 entry for each $50 you spend on either for the CRCamo hunting apparel or Csik fishing apparel.


If you spend over $500 combined with CRCamo and C-SIK from today through Sept 10th you will get an additional 10 free entries. We will keep track.



You follow all 4 FB pages , not any IG pages, and the youtube page, you get 3 extra chances

You spend $238 and you get 4 extra chances (1 for each $50)

You spend $499 and you get 9 extra chances (1 for each $50 )

You spend $502 and you get  20 extra chances (1 for each $50 and an extra 10 for over $500)


In the note at each checkout say you want to be entered in contest to get the extra entry credits. You will not automatically get credit for entries unless you tell us you want in.




This contest is for a Bear / Waterfowl hunt with B.S.O. During this hunt #CRCamo and #CSIKApperal will be shooting promotional videos, commercials, youtube videos and live hunts. You have the option to participate or opt out.


What we will provide :

Pickup from Saskatoon airport to lodge and drop off

1 week lodging / food included

Free #CRCamo and #CSIKApperal valued at over $500

1 Bear tag

Waterfowl permits

All tags/licenses/permits needed

Use of rifle/ shotgun for hunt if needed

1 week of tremendous fun



We will offer ONLY 3 extra hunting spots in camp for a steal @ $3,200 USD Each. This will include most the above items mentioned (Bear/Waterfowl hunt, Lodging, Food, Tags, etc.). You will also receive over $200 in CRCamo Apparel. You will only be responsible for your travel. Contact if interested.


Direct Hunting/Outfitting questions can be directed with Mark at



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