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Shipping sucks. We wish it was free but we ship things out and the post office wants charges us so we have to charge you. 


$1- $50 = $6.50

$50 - $99 =  $12

$99 - $199 =$20

Over $200 is Free


In stock items typically are shipped out the next business day of when the order was placed. Items that are "Pre-Orders" will be shipped as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Delays do happen but we assure you we want you to have our product as much as you want to have it.

We're human, errors get made. We have messed up or forgotten orders. Please bear with us. Don't get upset like a "whining millennial". Email me: I'll take care of you but can't if you don't let me know.



I will personally guarantee everything we sell. We have a no questions asked return policy. We will always error on the side of making sure you are taken care of. You and me both know whats fair. You get something and it breaks the first time out, I'll fix it, replace it, or refund you. You wear it a season and something happens, Yah, I'll still take care of you, but everything wears out eventually. Shoot me an Email though and lets see what we can do. My goal is to keep you in our apparel and have life long customers.


If you have any issues, questions, concerns, or ideas, don't hesitate to reach out to us or Email me personally at :

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