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~Pro-staff / Hunting Ambassador ~

New as of 6/28/2020 

Everyone wants to be a Pro-staff or a Hunting Ambassador in a company. I actually had to look up what those meant. I found out in means many different things to different people and companies. To us, here at #CRCamo, it’s a “give and get”. There will be requirements to become a Pro-staff or Hunting Ambassador for CatchAndRelease.US and even if you meet the requirements you might not be able to become one. Below are the minimum requirements to become part of Catch and Release. Depending on requests, there might be some additional requirements or waiting period.

Anyone can become a Pro-Staff. Send an Email to Prostaff@CatchAndRelease.US . We will send you the details about the program and are happy you chose us to represent. 


Since our start in early 2018 we have received a pile of emails. We are working on getting people that want to work with us long term and that don't just want to get free gear. 


As you can see in the requirements below. We will be requiring some time put back into the company, and well as back into the habitat and/or the community.  We have a passion for hunting and as in all things, there is a balance. Please take a look at the information below.

Please make sure you meet the requirements and send in an email INCLUDING  :

  • Your city and state which you live

  • Your IG user name

  • A little about yourself.





  • Must use FB and/or Instagram

    • Post at least 1 time on either platform per month and tag #CRCamo



  • Receives a 10% discount on camo sales price

  • After first year receives $50 off per/yr. in gear

  • Option test new gear before it hits market

As a Pro-staff member, you will receive an exclusive code to use and sales credit every time your code is used will go to you. Whether you use it or share it with others to use it, every purchase using that code will save you money and earn you credit. Just log onto the website, pick items to buy, then use your code at checkout for a 10% discount on all items.

The only requirements to be continuing eligibility for Pro-Staff :

1.    Use the code given to you or have others use it.
2.    Use Hashtag #CRCamo on pictures you post on IG and FB.
3.    Tag us at Catch_And_Release_Camo on the picture posted on IG.
4.    An accumulative min of $2,000 must be spend on the code to qualify.

FAQ : 

•    Do I have to use CRCamo exclusively?
o    Although we would like you to wear #CRCamo, we are a new company and don’t provide everything yet. So wear what you have but plug us as much as you can. Even if it’s just a hat. As a small company, we appreciate every little bit.

Recommendations :

A great way to promote a product is to buy and wear it. Use the code to get yourself outfitted. After that, wear the gear and take pictures in the gear. Post pictures online and tell people about your discount code and that they can use it to save money on gear.

Hunting Ambassador 



  • Must be Pro-Staff for at least one year and meet ALL the requirements

  • Must use FB and/or Instagram (Min 1000 followers)

    • Post at least 1 time on either platform per month and tag #CRCamo

  • Must donate 1 hour Month or 12 Hours year (Accumulative of one or all below)

    • C&R Sportsman/Outdoor/Expo/Show

    • Meetings

    • Sales/Marketing

  • Must volunteer 8 hr min  (per year) in volunteer hours (Examples below)

    • Habitat restoration

    • Local F&G needs

    • Local Charities

    • School/Youth education on outdoors/hunting

  • Must be either Avid Hunter or Avid Outdoor Person



  • First Year receives a 10% Discount on camo sales price

  • After First year as Ambassador receive $200 worth of gear

  • After First year Receives 50% off all gear

  • First to test new gear before hits market​


 If you have any issues, questions, concerns, or ideas at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Email us at :


>> Welcome to Catch and Release Hunting Apparel <<



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