Clearance "DWR" Pants Only (M1-Green)

Clearance "DWR" Pants Only (M1-Green)

  • Late season insulated pant, M1-Green camo-printed TM.
  • This is year 1 "lighter color" and is lighter than the current M1-Green color
  • "DWR" Durable Water resistant shell ("Micro Peach" - Polyester - Synthetic Fiber)
  • Designed to keep the light drizzle or morning hunting dew away
  • Water resistant breathable membrane keeps water out and lets body heat escape
  • Detachable visored hood to give you options
  • Fully fleece soft lined interior interior to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Zippers that go up to your knees to slip on over boots 
  • Not available in exotic dancing rip away version, "Yet". But cha never know.....

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