Late Season "DWR" Youth Upgrade

Late Season "DWR" Youth Upgrade

  • This is for someone that bought a Youth set and wants to upgrade it to the next size after they grew out of the old set.
  • Late season insulated jacket/pant system, M1-Green / M1-Brown camo-printed TM.
  • For Local -
    • Send an email after this purchase and schedule a time to meet at the shop for an exchange.
  • For Online -
    • Pick Brown or Green
    • At Checkout, let us know in the notes the size you are sending back and when we recieve them we will package the next size up and mail the brand new set back to you.
  • Any questions Email me : Moosie@CatchAndRelease.US

    Shipping items in stock should be sent on the following day on when it was ordered. Items that are "Pre-Orders" will be shipped as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Delays do happen but we assure you we want you to have our product as much as you want to have it.


    As a new company, we're learning. Everything we sell we have personally tested. Our product line is new and evolving and we will guarantee everything we sell. If you have any issues, questions, concerns, or ideas at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Email me personally at :


$198.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price